Events Nieuws14 september 2016

Challenges and opportunities around elastic data pipelines

Jörg Schade (Mesosphere, Inc.) kicked Trivento Summercamp off with an inspirational and interesting keynote about the challenges and opportunities around elastic data pipelines. With the uptake of mobile apps and IoT offerings the ability of not only processing data as it arrives but also making business decisions based on it is becoming critical. Although a number of open source stream processing solutions and frameworks are available and best practices are offered by the various communities along with them, the bigger picture is often missing. We reviewed a toolbox and a stack allowing us to build elastic data pipelines while meeting (business) SLAs. See it yourself and catch up.

Watch the keynote about elastic data pipelines by Jörg Schad (Mesosphere, Inc):

Masterclass Lambda Architecture and beyond

Lambda architecture is the cornerstone architecture pattern for designing big data applications. The masterclass ‘Lambda Architecture and beyond’ by Stavros Kontopoulos (Lightbend) in the morning reviewed the design problem for big data applications that lambda architecture tries to solve, some real use cases and how it’s used for the implementation of data pipelines.

Stavros Kontopoulos (Lightbend) about the masterclass Lambda Architecture:

Breakout sessions about Fast Data

Did you miss Trivento Summercamp? Receive a notification for our next edition and download the presentations for free. Including the presentations of:

  • The keynote ‘Challenges and opportunities around elastic data pipelines’ by Jörg Schad (Mesosphere, Inc.);
  • Breakout session ‘What is FastData & how the SMACK (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka) stack plays a major role by implementing a Fast Data strategy’ by Stavros Kontopoulos (Lightbend);
  • Breakout session ‘Implicits Inspected and Explained’ by Tim Soethout (ING);
  • Breakout session ‘Fostering Agility and Digital Acceleration with a 2 speed data streaming platform architecture’ by Mohamed Himi, Trivento;
  • Breakout session ‘A closer look at Elastic Stack 5.0’ by Loek van Gool (Elastic);
  • Breakout session ‘Serverless: AWS Lambda Functions’ by Martijn van de Grift (Trivento).