Nieuws29 april 2015

October 2014, Microsoft partners with Docker to bring containers to developers across the Docker and Windows ecosystems. At the BUILD 2015 conference, Nano servers, which are Windows Servers with a minimal footprint optimized for the cloud will be presented. February 2015, Microsoft open-sources its .NET core. This opens up ASP.NET in its entirety to Linux environments. With the OWIN server abstractions, ASP.NET web applications are no longer tied to IIS, the traditional web server for Windows.

Visual Studio Code, a minimal IDE  much like Github’s Atom for developing .NET applications is available for free. It runs on Windows, but also Linux and your Mac! When you launch it, it even suggests using Yeoman and Gulp. Whoah!

Are the last shackles thrown down to start building reactive microservices on any Docker-enabled cloud environment with .NET technology? You can now publish directly to a Docker Container. The future sure looks bright!

My current dream tech-stack would be an AngularJS with RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) front-end, using a message-driven design with SignalR (a WebSockets abstraction) and Web API towards a containerized reactive back-end written in ASP.NET using Reactive Extensions. What’s yours?