Events17 februari 2015

Last Friday, Trivento was present at NG-NL, the first Dutch AngularJS conference. We were more than happy to be one of the sponsors. Not just because we do a lot of AngularJS in our projects, but also to show our dedication to the Dutch AngularJS community.

The conference was a great success. The venue was packed with some 300 visitors. The atmosphere was just like the Dutch AngularJS community: friendly and inviting, knowledgeable and inspiring. A well-balanced schedule with a mix of national and international speakers made for a great day of learning new things and meeting new people.

Some of the things we took away from the conference:

  • Event-sourcing and event brokers on the frontend are hot. Our own Roy Brondgeest did a talk on Crossbar, showing how to make your AngularJS application truly reactive. Then Maurice de Beijer complemented this by telling about event-sourcing in the backend. The combination of these techniques will bring us a new kind of application, one that will add a much more interactive and responsive feel to the web.
  • Angular Formly is an AngularJS plugin that will allow you to specify form fields in JSON instead of coding them in HTML. An easy way to accomplish forms with a standardized design and a lot less HTML tags. Formly’s creator, Kent C. Dodds, delivered an insanely hyperactive talk that left you wanting to use it right away. I’m sure Formly’s downloads spiked Friday afternoon after the talk.
  • Pawel Kozlowski’s talk on internationalization in AngularJS reminded me of how well Angular Translate is doing in our recently released Freelink application. It offers instant client-side language switching (try it on Freelink’s home page). We set up a rudimentary Google spreadsheet where our clients could enter all translations, which we could automatically transform into the JavaScript we needed. Now if only the browser would consistently and uniformly report the user’s language…

Thank you Carmen and Xebia for hosting a great event!