Algemeen Events Nieuws22 augustus 2016

“Most so-called “Big Data” problems today are actually better described in the context of velocity instead of size,” says Jonas Bonér. “You want ‘Fast Data’. Speed is the problem to solve, not size.” How to get started? By visiting Trivento Summercamp about Fast Data, the 9th of September. Developers of Lightbend, Mesosphere and ING Nederland will share their knowledge and experiences, as well as developers and speakers of Elastic and Trivento.

Masterclass ‘Lambda Architecture and beyond’

Lambda architecture is the cornerstone architecture pattern for designing big data applications. In this masterclass by Stavros Kontopoulos (Lightbend) we will see why it is popular, how it can be efficiently implemented and what the alternatives are. Specifically we will start with the design problem for big data applications that lambda architecture tries to solve, we will proceed with lambda architecture in practice addressing real use cases and we will explore how it is used for the implementation of data pipelines. Moreover we will talk in detail about several technologies which help implement it such as Kafka, Cassandra, Hadoop etc, thus providing useful insight of how you could actually move to the next step of the actual implementation. Finally, we will discuss its pros and cons and why it has been questioned although it is still in great use as we will see.”

There are only thirty seats available for the masterclass Lambda Architecture and beyond. Are you one of the happy few who will get an invitation? Please send us your motivation as you register your ticket for Summercamp in order to find out! Are you not able to attend the masterclass? Don’t worry: Stavros will also explain what Fast Data is and how the SMACK (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka) stack plays a major role by implementing a Fast Data strategy during a breakout session.

Challenges and opportunities around elastic data pipelines

With the uptake of mobile apps and IoT offerings the ability of not only processing data as it arrives but also making business decisions based on it is becoming critical. A number of open source stream processing solutions and frameworks are available and best practices are offered by the various communities along with them. What is often missing is the bigger picture: when to use what and paying attention to performance, scalability as well as operational aspects incl. monitoring, upgrades and troubleshooting. In this keynote by Jörg Schad, Distributed Systems Engineer at Mesosphere, Inc. we will review a toolbox and a stack allowing us to build elastic data pipelines while meeting (business) SLAs.

AWS Lambda insights and implicits explained

Trivento Summercamp is all about valuable knowledge, insights and experiences. Besides topics as described, there will be several breakout sessions. Our colleague Martijn van de Grift wrote some blogs about AWS Lambda in co-creation with Jeroen Gordijn. (AWS Lambda inside insightAWS Lambda part 2: API Gateway playing tricks? and AWS Lambda part 3: Call Lambda via SDK.) He will share more insights during his breakout session ‘AWS Lambda Functions’ at Trivento Summercamp.

And did you miss Tim Soethout (ING) at Scala Days Berlin? He will demystify implicits at Trivento Summercamp too, because implicits are a fairly advanced feature and a very important aspect of the Scala language. Getting curious? Check out the other breakout sessions at Trivento Summercamp:

  • Loek van Gool (Elastic): ‘A closer look at Elastic Stack 5.0 (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Beats)’
  • Mohammed Himi (Trivento): ‘Business Agility, Microservices & Data Drive’.
  • Dennis Vriend (Trivento): ‘Demo time Fast Data’.

Rather hands on than attending break out sessions? Register for the workshop ‘MySensors 2.0’ and get started with IoT!

Trivento Summercamp will be held in the old Prodentfactory, in the city center of Amersfoort. It’s a ten minute walk from Amersfoort station and it is possible to park close by. Sign up and register your ticket now, since seats are limited. Registration is free of charge.